David Douglas High art student wins national honors

Meet the DDHS junior who will be will be traveling to D.C. in June to see her painting hung in our nation’s capital. You’ll also meet two more of the 300 David Douglas High artists at the school’s annual show‚

Quincy Pogolowitz is the junior (soon to be senior) at David Douglas High School who won the 3rd Congressional District Discovery Art Competition. She and her family will fly to D.C. in June, and watch in person as her art is hung for display.

Story and photos by David F. Ashton
The breezeway in David Douglas Schools’ administrative center was packed with art works of all kinds, on May 17 as their Annual Student Art Show opened.

Many of the student artists told us that their art education is “just for fun”‚ but a few have chosen art and design oriented careers.

Artwork goes to Washington D.C. — so does she!
“I’m planning to go into fashion design,” said Quincy Pogolowitz, soon to be a senior at David Douglas High.

Pogolowitz won out over student artists from 14 schools in Congressman Earl Blumenauer’s district who submitted art for consideration in the 3rd Congressional District Discovery Art Competition.

“It’s great,” Pogolowitz told us, “because they’re sending us airline ticket, so my parents and I can travel to Washington D.C. for a ceremony with Congressman Blumenauer, when my painting will be hung in a gallery at our nation’s capital.”

In addition to having her work on display in D.C. for the next year, Pogolowitz also won a $5,000 scholarship to the Savannah School of Design in Georgia.

We asked how Pogolowitz evaluated the artwork of others.

“I look by how much effort, time‚ but mostly, emotion‚ is put into it,” she replied. “The technical skill the artist demonstrates does matter. But, the quality of work depends on the skill level of the artist and medium. And, a kindergartener won’t have the same technical level as an adult who has worked with a medium for many years.”

Mandy Vhang, now ending her freshman year at DDHS, tells us, “I’ll probably keep doing art. Colors and designs appeal to me the most.”

Work of 300 students exhibited
David Douglas High School’s seven art teachers each encourage their students to display their best work at the end-of-year art show.

“These kids work really hard all year long,” said Deena Boehme, art instructor at the school. “They bring their friends and families to the showcase, and let them see what they’ve been doing. It gives them the opportunity to feel proud of their best artistic accomplishment.”

The art show, Boehme added, also encourages art students to continue developing their skills. “And more, the students get to see what other students, in other classes, are doing,” explained Boehme.

Billy Dreitlein, a sophomore, says he likes drawing and painting, but really likes making fused glass art. “It’s just fun,” he says.

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