Arsenic & Old Lace well-played by Parkrose High Thespians

If you didn’t get to see it, you missed the funniest play about murder, ever. Take a look at these exclusive photos and you’ll find it hard to believe these actors are high school kids ‚Ķ

Could it be that his home-made wine contains more than fermented grapes?

Story and photos by David F. Ashton
Everything about Parkrose High Thespians’ production of Arsenic & Old Lace is outstanding.

From a very professional theatrical set, to the play’s presentation, these young actors truly bring this classic comedy to life.

Could these sweet, hospitable old ladies have really ‘done in’ a dozen lonely men?

About the play
Arsenic & Old Lace is a farce revolving around Mortimer Brewster, a theatre-loathing drama critic who must deal with his murderous family ‚Äì and the local police. Given his situation, he’s debating whether to go marry the woman he loves.

Mortimer: “My aunts are doing ‚Ķ WHAT?”

His family includes two spinster aunts who have taken to “helping out” lonely old men.

It also includes a brother who believes he’s Teddy Roosevelt, and digs locks for the Panama Canal in their home’s cellar–and a criminally murderous brother who has received plastic surgery from his alcoholic accomplice, “Dr. Einstein”, to conceal his identity.

Brother Johnny comes home. But…is this a good thing?

Final show was March 3
People who went had a great time at this play! More from our Arsenic & Old Lace photo album

It’s a standoff. What to do now?

All is happy in the Brewster household.

But, the aunties can’t seem to keep from going back to their old ways ‚Ķ

Good show! Well done! Bravo!

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