11th Holiday Bazaar boosts David Douglas scholarship fund

It’s one of the largest in the area! See what you missed if you didn’t make it to this great event …

Some of the 89 vendors at the David Douglas Holiday Bazaar lineed this hallway at the Dec. 1 event.

Story and photos by David F. Ashton
Crafters galore – 89 vendors in total – took over the north cafeteria and adjoining hallways, as the David Douglas Holiday Bazaar got underway.

Tantalizing shoppers at the front door was the intoxicating aroma wafting from the TNT Kettle Corn stand. Student helpers swung the doors open for guests as they came in – and later left the event, arms loaded with goodies.

At the “100% DDHS Crafts” table were Ashely Hale, organizer Karen Britton, Megan LaFontaine, seated are Amber Thomas and Kayloni Kilang.

Students sell crafts, too
Karen Britton, president of the David Douglas High School Parent Teacher Student Association welcomed us to their event.

Britton was standing near a table she considered special. “We have a student section called ‘100% DDHS’. It showcases our student’s artistic work, here at the high school. Their sales support the fundraising efforts for their clubs or classes.”

About this, their eleventh annual event, Britton explained, “This is a fundraiser for the scholarship program. And, this year, the PTSA decided to encompass more of our community.”

That project, Britton told us, is to get the funding necessary to construct an “electronic reader board” at the North building – and eventually, another one at the South building.

Serving coffee and refreshments to the venders were DDHS Holiday Helpers Ann Huynh, Quan Huynh and Ruth Ruiz.

Holiday helpers abound
In addition to the student vendors, Britton told us that this year’s event benefited from 20 DDHS students serving as “Holiday Helpers”.

“We have a great crew of students here today setting up, moving in vendors and serving them refreshments. Then, they help take it all down at the end of the day,” Britton explained.

Woodcrafters from the Centennial neighborhood, Diane Rossi and James Holstrom, show and sell their wares.

Featured vendor
One of the many booths that caught our eye was the one set up by Diane Rossi and James Holstrom.

Most of the woodcrafts they displayed were created from Manzanita wood, they told us.

“In fact,” Holstrom explained, “the wood comes from Manzanita, Oregon. We cut it all ourselves from our land there. It takes about six months for it to cure. We look at the wood, and its shape and texture suggests what we should make from it.” You can see more of their products at www.Oregonrusticwoods.uni.cc.

Partnering with other DDHS organizations
Britton told us that the PTSA will – for the first time ever – hold a Spring Craft Fair which will coincide with the Senior All-night Party Committee Rummage Sale.

“We, along with the Dad’s Club, work together to help better our school community,” Britton concluded.

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