Rockin’ at the Library: Toddler Sock Hop

More than just books, your Midland Library hosts many involving events every month; see why this one is just plain cute …

Midland Children’s Librarian Barbara Gorter reads a story to the lively “Sock Hop” group. A couple of the little tykes wandered up to her as Gorter read, and acted out the stories ‚Äì to the distress of their parents! “It’s OK,” Gorter said with a knowing smile to the moms and dads. “As long as they’re not hurting themselves or others, this behavior is age-appropriate.”

Story and photo by David F. Ashton
What, exactly, is a “Toddler Sock Hop”, you might ask?

It’s a fun, interactive learning session, held occasionally at Midland Library. “It is an hour of activities for our youngest patrons,” replied Children’s Librarian Barbara Gorter, “with dancing, reading stories, singing, and doing crafts.”

Another youth librarian, Sue Ciesielski, was helping Gorter during the session. “Look! We have a rousing good time. The idea is help increase literacy. Our learning activities tie in with the songs and rhymes. We make reading fun. And, this class provides the opportunity for toddlers and parents to get together and socialize.”

What are you missing out on at the library? Check out our “Community Calendar” and join in the fun!

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