People check out pets at Midland Library

And no, there isn’t a fine for not bringing them back. See how Multnomah County Animal Services folks are working to put the perfect purrrrr into loving arms ‚Ķ

Young JJ Jacobs is checking out the kitty held by MCAS volunteer Donna Hostler during an adopt-a-pet outreach program at Midland Library.

Story and photo by David F. Ashton
You don’t have to go all the way out the Multnomah County Animal Services (MCAS) to find the “right” dog or cat for your home. Now, MCAS has started an outreach program they call “Adopt-A-Pet” ‚Äì and they’re taking critters out to meet people.

In June, we caught up with MCAS coordinator Katie Hill at Midland Library, on SE 122nd Ave. south of Stark. “We have kittens, a cat and dogs for people to meet. We also talk about responsible pet ownership. We want the kids to learn to be responsible from a young age.”

Not just anyone can take home a dog or cat. “We want people who will be good owners. These animals all lost their home; we’re looking for people who want to integrate an companion animal in their home.”

Attracting the most attention were the kitties. Donna Hostler has volunteered as a “foster care mom” for sick kittens for over two years. She was showing several of her favorites to folks who came by. “I love the animals. It is a good feel situation when I do it. I work with many of the helpless kittens that are out there to bring them to back to good health.”

Hostler showed off a white, regular domestic shorthair kitten. “Isn’t he beautiful? Look at the little smidge of black on his head.”

See for yourself on July 15
Meet your new companion pet at Midway Library ‚Äì When the stresses of a world in turmoil or merely a bad day at the office threaten to overwhelm, help is just a cat-in-the-lap away. Feline therapy eases anxiety by lowering blood pressure and releasing “feel good” endorphins.

At this time of year when animal shelters are over-flowing with cats of all ages, there has never been a better time to adopt a feline therapist and let a cat heal your heart.

Meet and adopt MCAS Foster Cats/Kittens and dogs between 1-3 pm at Midland Library/Midland Park 805 SE 122nd Ave.

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