Keeping winter’s chill at bay subject of Lents workshop

See why this timely event helped several folks in outer East Portland stay a bit more comfortable – while they saved money …

Anastasia Howard and Mike Masat, REACH Community Development, helped homeowners in the Lents area learn how to make their homes safer and more efficient at the workshop.

Story and photo by David F. Ashton
When the November 1 “Home Maintenance and Weatherization Workshop” took place, no one who attended would have ever guessed that pelting rain and gale-force winds would soon be on blowing through the Lents neighborhood.

To start the meeting, Anastasia Howard and Mike Masat from REACH Community Development helped homeowners in the Lents area learn how to improve home safety. They also showed how simple home improvements make a home more efficient.

Then, Thomas A Brodbeck, Multnomah County’s energy-saving guru, showed the attendees exactly how to weatherize their homes.

Folks who attended the 90-minute, seminar at Kelly Elementary School got more than just information and how-to tips. They also received basic hand tools and a fire/smoke detector with at 10-year battery.

Agencies work together providing information
Christine Rhoney, SUN Site Manager at Kelly Elementary, told us many organizations worked together to put on the workshop.

“We, in connection with ROSE Community Development, Kelly SUN Community School, Multnomah County Weatherization Program, and REACH Community Development, put together these classes to help our families have more information about home security, maintenance, and security.”

Weatherization is especially important, Rhoney told us, because many of their students’ families come from lower-income families. “The money they save in heating bills can put more food on their tables throughout the winter,” she added.

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