Hungry ‘ham-and-eggers’ aid Loaves and Fishes

Look at this article and you’ll learn why hundreds came out to enjoy a great breakfast ‚Äì and support the “Meals on Wheels” folks ‚Ķ

Carolyn Williams, and her youthful charges, Evelina and Diego, enjoy a great breakfast benefiting the Cherry Blossom Loaves and Fishes Meals on Wheels center.

Story and photos by David F. Ashton
A steady stream of people, with a lean-and-hungry look in their eyes, poured into the East Portland Community Center all morning long on February 3.

It didn’t take long to turn these famished folks into sated patrons, as they consumed piles of pancakes and plates of biscuits and gravy ‚Äì along with a heaping serving of scrambled eggs and ham. They washed it all down with coffee and orange juice.

And, this massive breakfast only set them back $3.75 a person.

What was the event? It was the Cherry Blossom Loves & Fishes Center’s annual Pancake Breakfast fundraiser.

Loaves & Fishes Center director Tamara Bailey works with volunteers Larry Jacobs, Susan Black, and Janis Crandell as they dish up breakfast for hundreds.

“Each center is responsible for raising part of their own funding,” explained Cherry Blossom Loaves and Fishes Center director, Tamara Bailey. “This is one of our biggest events, ever. We’ve had 200 come in to join us for breakfast today.”

Because almost all of the food, supplies and labor is donated, Bailey said, all of the funds brought in from the event will go to help feed elderly people in their homes, and at the center.

You can help
“We always need volunteer drivers and kitchen help,” Bailey told us.

If you’d like to help, stop by the Cherry Blossom Loaves and Fishes Center at 740 SE 106th Avenue, or call (503) 256-2381

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