Hundreds ‘Run for the trees’ at Oaks Bottom

Learn why this event attracted hundreds to go for a run on a cold, soggy Sunday morning …

After their run, Friends of Trees volunteers Scott Fogarty, Lori Hoffman, Rachel Haig, and Steven Sonderman mulch the roots of young saplings the group has planted along the Oaks Bottom Trail.

Story and photo by David F. Ashton
More than 230 runners and walkers decided to “leaf their problems behind them” as participated in the first “Fun Run for Restoration” held by the nonprofit group, Friends of Trees.

“We wanted to have an event to draw attention to our activities,” Scott Fogarty, the group’s executive director, told us. “The run is routed though a neighborhood and natural areas where we’ve planted trees.”

Fogarty said that their volunteers are active people. “We like to get out, work, and make friends. Many of those participating in our fund-raising event today are already members.”

Event kicks off planting season
“Our planning season is starting. In addition to raising funds, and awareness, this event kicks off our ‘work’ season,” Fogarty explained. “Trees and natural areas are valued by people in the greater Portland area. People move to Portland and live here because of our trees, clean air, clean water, and green streets. We want to keep Portland green.”

The organizer said the event raised about $8,000 for their cause. Want to join in on a “tree planting party” in your area? Check their web site at .

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