Heart & Lung patients ignore heat to raise hopes

See why, even in the sweltering early-summer heat, 180 people walked and jogged on hot asphalt to raise money for a worthy scholarship program …

Sandi Dykes (right side of track) cheers on some of the many participants at the Annual Adventist Medical Center Heart and Lung Walk on June 25.

Story and photo by David F. Ashton
At 11 am on June 25, it was already warm. No ‚Äì it was hot ‚Äì in the upper 80s. Yet, there they were, “warming up” and walking the black tar track at Floyd Light Middle school.


“We’re having a Heart Lung Walk to celebrate our cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation patients,” explained spokesperson Sandi Dykes. “The event also helps raise money for a scholarship fund.”

With the way insurance and Medicare reimbursement works, Dykes explained, some diagnoses, such as exercise classes for heart failure, surprisingly, aren’t covered. Nor are some of the pulmonary diagnoses.

“We never turn a patient away,” Dykes continue. “Adventist Medical Center has a wonderful mission. This helps heart or lung patients, who can’t otherwise afford it, pay their way to continue in exercise and educational programs. We hope to raise $16,000 from the event.”

Even though the temperature continued to quickly rise, their spirits stayed up. Even in the heat, it was clear these people wanted to participate and make a difference

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