Former East Portland trolley stop beautified by neighbors’ effort

What is the building project on the triangle of land at the corner of SE 72nd and Woodstock? Read this and learn about the Arleta Triangle Project …

Helping build the Arleta Triangle project are Sarah Iannarone, Meghan Humphreys (behind black starwars shirt), Jerry Harmon, and Scott Bala.

Story and photos by David F. Ashton
The small triangle of land at the corner of SE 72nd and Woodstock is a remnant of the old trolley system. About three years ago, a group of neighbors got together and decided to build an architectural wall there, and add a canopy overhead.

“I live in this neighborhood,” volunteer and neighbor Meghan Humphreys told us. “In addition to slowing down traffic a little, we’re also providing a space for people to gather together. And, I think it makes the corner much more inviting. We hope people will enjoy coming into our neighborhood as a result of this project.”

This fall, the “Arleta Triangle Project”, as they’ve named it, will adding an custom canopy. Artist Brian Borrello, who has created art for the Rose Garden MAX Light Rail station, is overseeing construction of the canopy. “This canopy is the most ambitious piece of this project – and this is where we need everyone’s help,” said Humphreys.

While the group has secured a grant from the Regional Arts and Culture Council for part of the work, the group needs to raise $4,000 ‚Äì and they need it now. “We’re hoping our neighbors in Southeast Portland will make cash donations, or perhaps give us donated materials.”

How to help
You can make a donation online, at Or contact them at (503) 774-3631 for more information. “Donations are 100% tax-deductible,” Humphreys said.

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