UPDATED: Victim identified; police ask for help. Here’s why some are already calling this outer East Portland death a ‘Marx Street murder’ …

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Police say they don’t know the what these youths planned to do with the weapons when caught in the Centennial neighborhood, but they’re now off the street …

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Here you’ll find three riddles, learn about a Teeny Foods baking company, and find out what the fun folks at the Parkrose Business Association are up to these days …

Wayne Stoll, returning president of the Parkrose Business Association warms up the group with three riddles.

Story and photos by David F. Ashton
At their last meeting, members of the Parkrose Business Association (PBA) got together to learn from one another, to network – and to hear President Wayne Stoll tell jokes:

Q. What kind of farm animal goes “oooo”?
A. A cow with no lips!

See what it took for MCSO deputies to bust this dope-peddling ring, run by illegal aliens (oops, undocumented visitors)

Multnomah County Sheriff’s Deputies say these balloons aren’t party decorations – they contain heroin and cocaine, packaged for sale. MCSO photo

Story by David F. Ashton
The investigation leading to a substantial drug bust on Thursday, February 26, started with a tip from Multnomah County’s Parole and Probation department – as many of them do, according to Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO) spokesman Dep. Paul McRedmond.

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