Woodstock’s Island Creamery sails into its second year

Celebrating both a love of her neighborhood and of her own thriving enterprise, take a look at what the owner says is the secret of their success,

Jane Glanville serves up another cone of premium ice cream, as she and her crew celebrates their first year in Woodstock.

Story and photos by David F. Ashton
In today’s uncertain economy, many new businesses don’t survive long enough to see their first anniversary.

But, not along ago, The Island Creamery‚ the tropical-themed ice cream store at 4525 SE Woodstock Blvd.‚ was throwing a party featuring live music and entertainment.

“We’re having our first birthday today!” beamed owner Jane Glanville

“It is wonderful for the community to come together to celebrate with us. We are so thankful to everyone here in the greater Woodstock community who have welcomed us.”

Friends and neighbors came by to dance up a storm to the tropical rhythms provided a marimba band, at the Island Creamery’s first anniversary celebration.

Involved in the community
In addition to her role as Woodstock’s ice cream impresario, Glanville serves the community in her role as the new President of her neighborhood’s business association as well.

“I’m involved because it is important for businesspeople, along Woodstock Boulevard, to be united. As owners of small and large businesses get to know each other, it helps strengthen our community. By working together, we can apply for grants and to even more to help our community.”

The Woodstock Community Business Association presents the annual Woodstock Festival, Glanville said. “We look forward to seeing everyone come out for our association’s summer events.” Find details on the brand new WCBA website, www.woodstockbiz.com.

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