Parkrose biz group welcomes new president

This business association isn’t basking in its past achievements! See how these Parkrose business people are finding new ways to serve their community ‚Ķ

Incoming Parkrose Business Association president Mark Eves, of the Eves & Wade LLP Law firm, is welcomed to the podium by outgoing president Wayne Stoll, of Argay Square.

Story and photos by David F. Ashton
Not long after the turn of the year, Mark Eves, incoming president of the Parkrose Business Association, took over the leadership role of the organization. “Our focus this year,” Eves told the group, “is three ‘M’s’. They are membership, meetings, and mission.”

Membership chair Jon Turino said their committee will be dedicated to showing more Parkrose business people the benefit of joining the association. “Together, our voices are better heard downtown. When you meet someone in Parkrose, ask them to come have lunch with us at Steamers on the third Thursday of the month.”

Kyle Ziegler, program chair, told about the lineup of speakers planned. Also, she said their committee actively seeking ways of “tuning up” their already successful meetings.

Eves spoke directly to his third “M”, saying, “We’ve created a ‘dream team’, chaired Gail Bash. We are setting goals, both short and long term.”

Bash commented, “Mark said to set our goals high. As a pilot, I want to rise above 5,000 feet — we’re set on the 10,000 level. With the help and support of this group, we can so many things.”

“We celebrate the successes of all of our members,” Eves concluded.

Anita Tabayoyon of A.R. Moss Florists uses a colorful chart to document the kinds of gifts people like most to receive.

One feature at the noontime meetings is the “Member Moment”, in which one person highlights their own business. At this meeting, it was Parkrose florist A.R. Moss, who told of “floral design and event embellishment”. Anita Tabayoyon said that, in addition to the flowers, their shop stocks many other kinds of gifts. See her online at

State of the PBA
Outgoing president Wayne Stoll is famous (or infamous) for always starting off with a joke. “Leaving my post as president reminds me of the man who was fired from the M&M¬Æ factory for throwing out all the ‘Ws’,” he quipped.

“It all hasn’t been ‘guns ‘n’ roses’,” Stoll continued. “Our [PBA] board is great. In addition to getting stuff done, we got it done with a lot of fun and humor. My job was to not screw things up. Gordon Boorse and other presidents before me, and their boards, put us on a track to success. Get involved in our organization. Join in. Help us get new, fresh ideas from your input.”

Stoll reported that the association’s coffers contain $19,600.

Current projects include renovating the traffic island at the divide of NE Sandy Blvd and Portland Road. “If there is one thing the city can improve on us how they treat businesses in the city. PDOT has made it difficult, to complete the project: a beautifully landscaped in an Italian garden motif,” he said.

Stoll also pointed to the success of the association’s scholarship program for graduating Parkrose High School seniors. “Thanks to the support of our community at the Rose Festival Parkrose Cruise-in ‚Äì and the hard work of all our volunteers ‚Äì we’ve gone from giving one scholarship, to providing four of them ‚Äì fully funded for this year.”

Stoll admonished the group, “I hope people join PBA not only for the business we gain from members. Joining the PBA makes you a part of the area, as a whole. Being involved will help your business. People who do business here don’t necessarily have their business located here. Invite them to join.”

Meet the PBA
Come on February 15 at 11:30 a.m. and meet this group of fun, energized business people. This month: Rick Harris, CPA, gives timely tax tips! The Member Moment will be Daniel Woods of SPOTMASTER. You’ll get the best business lunch at town at Steamers Restaurant, 8230 NE Sandy Blvd. (east of NE 82nd Ave.); NO reservations required. For more information, see

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