Midway association hosts successful business get-together

See why this gathering was their most successful to date‚ and learn what Portland Commissioner Sam Adams told this outer East Portland group‚

Guest Kendra Rice, Washington Mutual, joins Dr. Norbert Huntley, DC, secretary of the Midway Business Association, and the group’s treasurer, Tammy Williams, Wells Fargo Bank, at their annual open house‚ for pizza at Bill Dayton’s Pizza Baron.

Story and photos by David F. Ashton
Each year, the Midway Business Association (MBA), the group representing businesses in the southern portion of outer East Portland, hosts a get-together for area business people and neighbors. By far, this year’s event was their most successful ever.

“I’m really glad to see so many people coming,” the group’s president, Donna Dionne told us. “It shows more and more people recognize the potential of associating together.”

Bill Dayton, the host of the event at Pizza Baron, invites business people to join the association.

About 50 people came by Bill Dayton’s Pizza Baron to meet one another, learn about the business association, hear Portland City Commissioner Sam Adams briefly speak ‚Äì and enjoy a pizza buffet.

Portland City Commissioner Sam Adams tells how the city plans to support area businesses in the future, and improve area roads.

Commissioner Sam speaks
At this informal meeting, Portland City Commissioner Sam Adams stopped by to congratulate the association for another successful year, and was asked to speak.

Adams started by informing people at the get-together that the city of Portland has set aside a $250,000 strategic grant to set up professional offices for the Alliance of Portland Neighborhood Business Associations, of which MBA is a member.

“It just doesn’t seem fair that the city funds neighborhood associations at level much higher than that of district business associations. This is why, through the APNBA, we’ve provided project grants in support of our business districts.”

The commissioner spoke to a “full house” at this MBA meeting.

On the topic of taxation, Adams continued, “We were able to get through the City Council the first small business city tax reduction in the history of the City of Portland three months ago. Those of you who have small businesses, or are sole proprietors, you’ll see a reduction in your business income tax.”

The tax reform, Adams added was very controversial. “It took me two years to get [the tax reform] passed. My former boss, Mayor Vera Katz, accused me of being a ‘supply-sider’. But, if we don’t have strong businesses, we can’t have a strong and prosperous city.”

Turning to roads, Adams continued, saying he’s asked the city to spend $11 million to address the most dangerous intersections in the city.

“I’m happy to tell you the request was improved. And, 54% of that money, about $4 million, will be going to improve the most dangerous intersections here in Outer East Portland ‚Äì along 122nd Ave. and on 82nd Avenue of Roses. We have a long ways to go, but we will save lives, reduce injuries, and make it a more friendly area in which to walk and drive.”

Adams closed his remarks, commending the group: “You and your leadership have been good advocates on the issue. You are a great association‚ you’re full of small businesses. We want to support you.”

Come meet the members on June 12
Come learn all about this business group dedicated to helping neighbors and business, on June 12th, runs from 11:45 AM until 1 PM at Bill Dayton’s PIZZA BARON Restaurant on SE 122nd Avenue, just south of Division Street. For more information, go to www.midwayba.com.

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