82nd Ave. is (still) coming up roses

While planting roses along the 82nd Avenue of Roses is a new event for many businesses and homes, learn which outer East Portland school has had this tradition since 1955‚ and why‚

Standing with her court, Jalah Reid, Jaimie Taber and Brittany Ades, Rose Festival Ambassador Katrina Holland poses for photos with the Royal Rosarians before planting a rose bush at Madison High School.

Photo and story by David F. Ashton

Seeing members of the Royal Rosarians in their dapper suits and jackets has become a more common site along 82nd Avenue of Roses these days.


Planting and maintaining roses along the storied 82nd Ave. of Roses are a part of the transformation‚ renaissance, if you will‚ of this thoroughfare.

But the planting ceremony, that took place on a sunny afternoon outside Madison High School on April 25, was different. It was an official part of the 2006 Portland Rose Festival.

“We’ve been doing this rose planting for the Rose Festival Court Ambassador since 1955,” is what the Prime Minister of the Royal Rosarians, Dennis Brookshire, told us.

Another rose bush is planted at Madison High.

“This predates the Avenue of Roses plantings,” Brookshire continued. “The principal of the high school, back then, was a Royal Rosarian and started the tradition.” If you haven’t noticed as you zip past the school, a large, circular rose garden is directly in front of the main building.

“But, today’s planting takes nothing away from the Avenue of Roses program. It’s terrific.” Brookshire reminded us that the Royal Rosarians lent their support when the group was proposing changing the name to 82nd Avenue of Roses before Portland City Council. “We were pleased to see it developed. We’re big supporters of it. This is an important aspect of the community.”

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