Come on along on a sneak preview tour we were given, and see how this new addition to a key outer East Portland hospital may save your life someday …

In Adventist Medical Center’s new Pavilion wing, Cheryl Dorman, Project Manager for the NICI Group, explains some of the features in one of four brand new cardiac catheterization labs to surgical nurse Holly Brown, RN, educational coordinator for preoperative services Carol LeCarno, RN, and Clark College student nurse Keiko Dieken, during our sneak-preview of their new Northwest Regional Cardiac Center.

See which church members spent a day packing up trash at this annual neighborhood event – and discover why they volunteered …

Jesten Arnold, Mike VanHook, Charles DeKar, and Pastor Scott Bradley, from the Parkrose Abundant Life Church, unload a pickup truck full of junk at the 2009 East Portland Neighborhood Clean-up.

Story and photos by David F. Ashton
Many neighborhoods stage clean-up days, during which folks can come drop off trash, broken furniture, yard debris, old tires, and such. But, the annual East Portland Neighborhood Organization’s area-wide clean-up day is a massive undertaking – it helps people living in all 13 neighborhoods in its neighborhood coalition get rid of trash.

Why were students from outer East Portland participating in a graffiti paint-out at an inner SE Portland park? All will become clear, as you read this story …

Students from outer East Portland’s Floyd Light Middle School “GREAT” class spend this day providing community service by removing graffiti at inner SE Portland’s Hazeltine Park.

Story and photos by David F. Ashton
Ever since neighbors helped the City of Portland turn vacant property on SE Flavel Drive into a city park – now named Hazeltine Park – residents have enjoyed the open space in which to picnic, run, plan, and take in the great southern view.

Here’s an update on the new 35-acre park proposed for outer East Portland that enthusiasts say could become a “world class” mountain-biking attraction …

More than 100 people who came to hear the latest progress on the Gateway Green project, at this mid-April meeting, listen to co-sponsor Ted Gilbert share his enthusiasm for the proposed park.

Story and photos by David F. Ashton
Every day, thousands of cars drive by – or over – a 35-acre parcel of land that was once part of Multnomah County’s Rocky Butte Jail property. The property – now an Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) owned right-of-way, at the confluence of Interstate-84 and I-205 – is an island, cut off from Rocky Butte and from nearby neighborhoods.

If you’re still wondering about the difference between a labyrinth and a maze – or why one was built in Parkrose – this is the article for you to read …

Volunteer Jose Maras sweeps pavers at the Parkrose Peace Labyrinth, helping to ready it for their Earth Day celebration.

Story and photos by David F. Ashton
Though their plans to spruce up the Parkrose Peace Labyrinth had been rained out weeks before, volunteers again gathered in the week before Earth Day to prepare it for visitors.

Discover what people at the Foster Area Business Association learned – what it takes to get a loan or line of credit, these days ….

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We’ve already added more events! We’re up to 89 listings so far — and add more as they come in during the month. Copy to a file – or print out – our Community Calendar and keep it handy! Or check back to sure you can enjoy great community events – and help your neighborhood.

Among these listings, you’ll find ways to get involved with your community, help the environment, participate in your government, learn valuable information – and have a lot of fun. Most activities are free!

Multnomah County health officials say the Avian Flu is undoubtedly coming. There’s no vaccine for it. People will die from it. And there’s nothing the government can do to help you. Read and learn what steps you must take to protect the life and health of your family ‚Ķ

Jessica Guernsey Camargo, MPH, Project Supervisor, Pandemic Influenza Community Engagement, telling a SE Portland group there is no cure, nor prevention, for the coming Avian Flu. “The fact is, the only real way of managing the pandemic is through citizens taking personal responsibility.”

See exclusive photos of the SERT callout that shut down a large portion of Lents and Powellhurst-Gilbert neighborhoods, and learn about the progress of the investigation …

We find every street blocked off, as SERT and district officers comb the blocks looking for suspects who officials say shot a Vancouver cop in the chest.

Story and photos by David F. Ashton
Not often does a crime that takes place in Vancouver, Washington, affect the lives of outer East Portland citizens.

See why you should get to this great show, put on by the Metro Dancers at Portland Metro Performing Arts – right here in outer East Portland …

Seeing double – and triple!  Because the Metro Dancers are performing several shows at different venues, Scott Trumbo and James Holstad both play the male lead role of “Franz”, and Lorianne Barclay, Emily Sevy, and Krista Bennett all play the female lead, “Swanilda” – not at the same time, of course, but in different shows!

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