The cute little house faces the Springwater Trail – but it’s now a charred mess. See why the folks who called to report this blaze say that vacant houses in the area are becoming a real danger to their neighborhood … Read the rest of this entry »

Hanging in the air was sadness that this Lents Neighborhood high school would never again participate in the Festival – but that went unmentioned. Learn the name of the selected young lady, and why she was picked to be her school’s final Portland Rose Festival ambassador … Read the rest of this entry »

Next time you’re in a hurry and think about trying to squeak through a “very yellow” light – remember this story. Don’t worry, it’s not gory … Read the rest of this entry »

See volunteers rally around outer East Portland ‘Spirit of Portland’ honoree Ed Kerns and others, as they volunteer their time to spruce up Johnson Creek … Read the rest of this entry »

See how the Portland Plan project, the ‘blueprint for Portland’s next quarter -century’ is coming along – and why you might want to keep informed about this priority-setting project … Read the rest of this entry »

Interestingly enough, business owners and managers were specifically not invited to the “East Portland Small Business Assistance Workshop” put on by the PDC at Midland Library. Find out why, right here … Read the rest of this entry »

Find out what’s being said about a man who allegedly ran down a woman crossing NE Sandy Blvd., left her dying on the road while he ditched his minivan, and then walked back to his seedy motel room … Read the rest of this entry »

If you missed it last weekend, David Douglas High School PTSA volunteers urge you to come by now, for fabulous bargains – and to help support a really good project. On March 19, it’ll be ‘Fill the Bag for $5’ day … Read the rest of this entry »

Many say that the assembly program at which this Princess is introduced is among the classiest of them all! And, learn who will represent the Senators during the 2011 Portland Rose Festival … Read the rest of this entry »

Find out what Kevin “Not your ordinary bean counter” Minkoff, CPA, says to look out for – as you file your federal and state income tax returns this year … Read the rest of this entry »

Find out why this instructor is being given a Keystone Kop hat, and hopeful that a crème pie doesn’t follow! And, discover the benefactor that purchased 50 copies of the musical CD featuring David Douglas High School’s orchestra – and then gave them to members of the band … Read the rest of this entry »

Find out why volunteers have been working diligently for quite some time to establish an alternative to shopping for groceries at the chain stores … Read the rest of this entry »

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