By David F. Ashton – April 11, 2006

In the vast expanse called outer East Portland, there is one – yes only one – good, old-fashioned parade every year.

That’s why nearly a thousand adults and kids line NE Halsey St. every May to see the Fun-O-Rama Parade.

The Floyd Light Band plays great marching tunes. David F. Ashton Photo

The high and low if it – unicyclists are a favorite along the parade route! David F. Ashton Photo

This parade usually has it all: Floats, marchers, bands, and the famous Keystone Kops’ antics along the route.

Commissioner Sam Adams announces the Fun-O-Rama Parade, and welcomes folks to the Fun-O-Rama Fair. David F. Ashton Photo

We’re told that Portland City Commissioner Sam Adams will again announce the parade as it passes the reviewing stand at 111th Square.

Those krazy Keystone Kops pull pranks for the crown in front of the reviewing stand at last year’s Fun-O-Rama Parade. David F. Ashton Photo

Getting this parade together takes a lot of time and effort. Pamela Colton, Nickel Ads, is the parade’s chair. She, and a dozen volunteers, starts lining up the parade north of NE 122nd Ave. early in the morning, before it starts down NE Halsey Ave. at 10:30 a.m., rain or shine. Have a group to march in the parade? Call Colton at (503) 252-7519 – but do it now! Spots are filling up.

The fun doesn’t end

Wait! There’s more! The fun doesn’t end with the parade. The Gateway Area Business Association presents the Fun-O-Rama Fair at 111th Square (at NE Halsey St. and 111th Ave.)

A young marshal artist demonstrates her skills. David F. Ashton Photo

See representatives from local businesses. Each year, the Fair features entertainment like clowns, dance, music and martial arts demonstrations.

Steevie Weevie squeeks up balloon hats at the Fair. David F. Ashton Photo

Also, the “Gateway Citizen of the Year” is honored. We’re told “Father Jack” Mosbrucker is this year’s honoree.

Golf tourney on May 13

The annual Golf-O-Rama will again be held at Glendoveer Golf Course. Past proceeds have gone to support the organization’s scholarship fund for David Douglas High School seniors. Interested? Call organizer (and Snoopy’s friend) Karen Montez, Met Life, at (503) 252-6241 for more information of this fun event.

We’ll see you at the 2006 Gateway Fun-O-Rama!

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By David F. Ashton

Bars and mini-mart workers must know it’s wrong to sell booze to kids. A quick look at the ID of a young-ish looking guy or gal isn’t that difficult. Yet, during Spring Break, getting a swig of hooch wasn’t a problem for several underage youth.

Some of these young people who got served were on a mission ‚Äì and, that mission wasn’t go get drunk. These kids were Portland Police Cadets. They were working with the Oregon Liquor Control Commission to identify employees of businesses who sell alcohol to minors.

Portland Police Cadets Ryan Mele and Ryan Brown aren’t ready to “throw down a cold frosty one” ‚Äì they’re working a mission to see who is selling booze to underage drinkers without checking their ID.

The mission included 100 randomly selected businesses located throughout the city.Of the 96 businesses that were open, employees in 28 of those businesses sold alcohol to minors. By the way, the Cadet’s never carry fake ID ‚Äì they present their real Oregon Driver’s License when ‚Äì or in some cases, if ‚Äì asked for it.

Serve up another round? Sadly, employees at this East Portland establishment didn’t check the ID of Spring Break party people Ryan Brown and Andrea Ettlin. They’re under age. And, they’re East Portland Police Cadets, working a mission to curb booze sales to under-age drinkers.

During their eight-hour spree, some establishment employees did not ask to see the Cadets’ identification, while others did not check the identification closely enough. These careless employees were cited for Furnishing Alcohol to a Minor, which is a Class A misdemeanor.

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Noted restaurateur tells of her awareness mission at Parkrose Business Association

By David F. Ashton – April 2, 2006

She couldn’t help but noticing the young boys outside the porn shop on NE Sandy Blvd., said Eileen Stocker. “They were trying to see what was inside, behind the painted out windows.”

Seeing these kids, Stocker told us, fostered a question that kept running through her mind: “Should our kids be growing up in this kind of environment – believing that adult oriented stores and sex shops on every corner – is normal?”

Leah Sauer recipient Eileen Stocker shows her award to members of the Parkrose Business Association. David F. Ashton photo

Concerned about “Pornrose, OR”

It’s true. Drive through the Parkrose area – or any other main street in outer East Portland and you’ll see “lingerie modeling” parlors, adult merchandise stores and strip clubs on nearly every block. Some wags call the area “Pornrose”.

“I’ve been involved in lobbying City Hall to limit the number of these kinds of businesses that can be set up in a given neighborhood,” Stocker continued. “I’m not trying to eliminate them. We just think it is a good idea to limit their number. When goes out of business, new businesses can’t open.”

By resolution of the City Council, Stocker added, “they can limit the number of businesses in a given area, but they don’t want to. I don’t think they’re protecting citizens of Portland. Wouldn’t it be worth it to do a small [research] study [to measure the impact of adult businesses on neighborhoods]?”

Please, no shell game

“The people in Parkrose are so wonderful – both neighbors and regular business people. I love this area and want to protect it.

‚ÄúBut we don‚Äôt want to just shove [the sex trade] into another neighborhood. We don‚Äôt want another area to go through what Sandy Blvd has endured.”

Stoll, the Western ally

One of the people whose help Stocker enlisted was that of Hollywood booster, Helen Stoll. “Helen’s been trying to stop prostitution along Sandy Blvd. for many years. We’re looking for support through churches and local organizations. More people need to voice their concern,” Stocker said.

Stoll told Stocker about the Oregon Association of American Mothers*. “I spoke to them and asked for their help. They understood our situation and have helped.”

Apparently, the organization thought so highly of Stocker’s efforts, they gave her their Leah Sauer Award – an award named after the organization’s first “Mother of the Year”.

Take action

“The best thing you can do is write the mayor if you think the sex businesses should be limited in Portland. Don’t you think it makes sense for the city to, at least, look at the situation,” Stocker concluded.

* According to their web site, the Oregon Association of American Mothers is an organization of women and men, married and single, parents and grandparents, dedicated to preserving the moral and spiritual foundations of the family in America. At a time when the return of family values has become a national priority, American Mothers, Inc. responds educational, cultural, and spiritual programs for mothers of all ages.

2006, David F. Ashton ~ East PDX News

The 3 a.m. fire at Portland Christian High School was perhaps the work of cowardly hoodlums, students surmise. David F. Ashton Photos

By David F. Ashton – April 3, 2006

The normally quiet of an early morning on NE San Rafael St. was shattered by the roar of fire engines and the wail of sirens early Monday morning. Firefighters sped along NE 122nd Ave. to answer a second fire call to Portland Christian School, within in the past two months.

Bureau officials say the 3 a.m. fire was at the school’s field house and coach’s office. The blaze, it appears, was started in two portable toilets located next to the grandstand structure, on the north side of building.

This fire was said to have caused $7,500 in damages. The fire about 60 days ago did $32,000 in damages to vehicles and buildings.

Officials say “racist and sexual graffiti” was emblazoned on the outside of a structure nearby the fire scene. Portland Police Bureau Bias Crimes Unit has been called in to investigate the case.

“The talk at school is that who ever did this probably doesn’t even know the meaning of a swastika. It’s the work of punks who want to seem tough,” is how a student who identified himself as Josh, put it to us, outside the school grounds that afternoon. “You notice that these cowards did this in the middle of the night – not when we’re out here.”

The culprit of this fire is subject to Felony Arson charges, officials say. Have information? Call Portland Fire & Rescue investigators at (503) 823-3791.

More on this story as it develops.

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