Still going strong after five decades, this church proves it has staying power …

On August 13, Senior Pastor Gary Lay, and his wife Tammy, led the congregation in a celebration of 50 years of service to the community at the Mill Park Baptist Church.

“It all started on July 29, 1956,” Lay said, “and we hope to serve the Mill Park Community for another half-century.”

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Known world-wide as Portland’s place for tranquility and meditation, see why The Grotto was cleared by police and remained closed for a day ‚Ķ

As many as 30 Portland Police Bureau officers cordoned off a large area around The Grotto, searching for a man said to be carrying a weapon.

Story and photos by David F. Ashton
One vehicle after another was turned away from The Grotto on August 18.

“Why are they closed?” asked the driver of a passenger-filled mini-van with Idaho license plates.

In addition to growing 215 marijuana plants, officials say someone was stealing electricity to run the grow operation …

As firefighters clean up after putting out the blaze, police investigators move in to investigate this home they call a “pot factory”.

Story and photos by David F. Ashton
The ranch-styled home, located in the southern Centennial Neighborhood at 3432 Southeast 156th Ave., looked like a typical, middle-class dwelling.

“No I didn’t suspect anything,” said across-the-street neighbor Ron Taylor. “Normally you’d like having quiet neighbors. It didn’t seem lived-in. We thought it might be an ‘investment’ home.”

See why the new Lents International Farmer’s Market is drawing shoppers to SE 92nd Ave. and Foster Rd. on the last Sunday of each month ‚Ķ

Don Lief came down from Mt. Tabor to buy fresh produce. He met market manager Hilary DuBose and Tenino Farms’ Meagan Freed.

Story and photos by David F. Ashton
In past years, the Lents Farmer’s Market provided slim pickings. Typically, it consisted of one or two small stands ‚Äì if any ‚Äì on the corner of SE 92nd and Foster Road.

Food, cultural exhibits and entertainment were attractions, but what really drew nearly 450 people to PCC SE Center was the prospect of becoming a homeowner …

Between Native American homeowners Norman and Julia Red Thunder is MAYA’s executive director, Nicole Maher, along with youngsters John and Joyce Nelson at the East Portland Native American Housing to Homeownership Fair.

Story and photos by David F. Ashton
Not many Native Americans are like the Red Thunder family: Norman and Julia Red Thunder have been homeowners for years. John told us, “By not having to pay rent, we have had big savings in the long run, and we own something.”

If music truly is the “universal language” ‚Äì see how Rich Glauber uses delightful tunes to tempt tots to read at the library ‚Ķ

Using the magic of music to make friends with kids, Rich Glauber brings his program to Midland Library as part of the Summer Reading Program.

Story and photo by David F. Ashton
Musician Rich Glauber travels the globe as a performer. Recently, he has appeared in Costa Rica, Israel, and Spain.

So, what was this classically-trained musician doing, sitting on the floor, in Midland Library’s activity room on July 18?

Spend a day paddling on the “Columbia Sewer?” Read this article and see how we got a close-up look (and smell) of how Slough clean-up efforts have paid off ‚Ķ

Lynn Youngbarr, interim executive director of the Columbia Slough Watershed Council, prodded us to take a “closer look” by going for a paddle on this unique inland waterway.

Story and photos by David F. Ashton
For decades, the Columbia Slough was the repository of raw sewage, rainwater runoff, and liquid industrial waste.

Thus, in years past, we’d covered the “Columbia Slough Regatta” from a distance‚Ķon land.

Although he had made statements that he wouldn’t surrender, the parole violator realized his picnic was over and gave up, after he saw he was surrounded by heavily-armed police ‚Ķ

The police had the media cordoned off a half-mile from the scene; at least, you can see the where the action was taking place … kinda …

Story and photo by David F. Ashton
A quiet, pleasant Saturday afternoon in Powellhurst-Gilbert was disrupted, as more and more police officers started filtering into the area of SE 138th Avenue south of SE Powell Boulevard on July 12.

A “hot time” at the Passionate Dreams Private Shows wasn’t from entertainment activities taking place inside ‚Äì but instead, from a fire, still under investigation ‚Ķ

The fire call describing a house on fire brought fire trucks and engines from both Portland and Clackamas, shutting down SE 82nd Avenue for hours.

Story and Photos by David F. Ashton
Firefighters from Portland Fire & Rescue sprang into action – as did those from Clackamas County – when they got a call reporting a fire at SE 82nd Ave. of Roses at Claybourne St.

See why kids paid homage to things that slither and hiss, at a special library show that featured twenty reptiles …

Of all the reptiles herpetologist Richard Ritchey brought to outer East Portland, the kids loved his Burmese python, Julius Squeezer, the best.

Story and photo by David F. Ashton
Midland Library was crawling with slithering and creepy critters a few weeks ago.

But, nobody seemed to mind. In fact, kids who packed the large activity room got to touch some of the reptiles brought in by herpetologist Richard Ritchey.

While the parade wasn’t the longest, see what folks who lined the streets for blocks enjoyed seeing at this fun, family event ‚Ķ

A friendly crowd showed up along the route of the Division/Clinton Street Fair route to watch and greet the marching (and rolling) entries.

Story and photos by David F. Ashton
While much of July’s weather was sweltering, the morning of July 22, the date of the 14th Annual Division/Clinton Street Fair and Parade was delightfully cool.

“Our event started out as a sidewalk sale,” the business association’s president, Jean Baker, told us. “It gets better every year.”

What? You haven’t seen the OTHER parade in outer East Portland?  It isn’t too late! Plan now to enjoy the Lents Founder’s Day events on August 19-20 ‚Ķ

At a Sunday in Lents Park concert, Owen Lingley, is taking an invitation to Lents Founder’s Day from former Lents Neighborhood chair, Judy Welch, at Sunday Concert in Lents Park.

Story and photo by David F. Ashton
August is the month for family fun in the Lents neighborhood! The Sunday “Concerts in Lents Park” lead up to the annual Founder’s Day celebration.

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